Alcoholic strength: 12%

A dry, sparkling rosé wine made from Dolcetto grapes. A very pleasant wine of moderate structure with characteristically refreshing appeal.

The wine's colour is rose-pink, with light pink reflections. Its fragrance is smooth and refined, remarkably intense and complex, ranging from floral to fruit, with notes of violet and characteristic elements of cyclamen, plum, red fruit and berries such as strawberry, raspberry and blackberry. Its taste is smooth, very fresh and sapid, interesting, with a fine balance of alcohol and acidity. It confirms the sensations from its bouquet, with a pleasantly aromatic finish.

This wine is ideal for all courses, including hors d'oeuvres based on cured meats and mixed cheeses, first course dishes with moderately flavoursome sauces, fish recipes with tomato; second course dishes based on white and red meats, including fried recipes, and including more complex recipes and various side dishes.