Alcoholic strength: 12,50%

This wine is made from the classic French grape variety Chardonnay, grown in the Monferrato area. Its characteristics make it ideal for a process creating a sparkling wine before bottling, with a fermentation lasting nine months at controlled temperature in large pressurized barrels. The process creates very positive results, giving this Piemonte Chardonnay small and persistent bubbles that can be compared to the perlage produced by classic sparkling wine techniques.

The wine's colour is a bright straw yellow, with golden reflections featuring greenish tinges. Its bouquet is intense and distinctive, delicate and fresh, with hints of begonia, green apple, citrus fruits and honey. On the palate, it is dry and persuasive, complex, fresh and fragrant, well-balanced and harmonious, smooth, with very delicate touches of bitter flavour, and pleasant hints of green apple. It has an enjoyable acidity that is never excessive, and its flavour recalls honey, acacia and liquorice.

This is a very versatile wine, ideal with Italianstyle hors d’oeuvres, fish and seafood recipes. It is also excellent for aperitifs and quick snacks.