Alcoholic strength: 13%

This wine, certified as denominazione di origine controllata (controlled designation of origin) is made from the grape variety Bonarda, grown on hillsides in the district of Maranzana and Cassine. This location has favourable height, exposure to sunlight and microclimate, enhancing the qualities of this masterpiece of fragrance, harmony and colour.

A full-bodied wine, with a colour of intense, bright ruby red, with excellent clarity. Its bouquet is intense and relatively complex, with a somewhat floral character, with distinctive notes of well-balanced mature red fruit and plum jam. On the palate, it is warm and smooth, with delicate tannins, with a long and attractive finish. Its flavour is completed by a sufficient degree of freshness.

This is a wine that can accompany all courses of a meal, including cured meats, first course dishes with sauces, vegetables, roast pork, and moderately seasoned cheeses. It is particularly successful when accompanying the classic Piedmont recipe of mixed fried specialities.