Alcoholic strength: 13%

This Dolcetto, certified as denominazione di origine controllata (controlled designation of origin), is a classic dry wine, even though the grape variety’s name “Dolcetto” suggests sweetness. In fact the wine is rich in bouquet and flavour. The name derives from a sensation based on the relatively low acid content of the grapes, producing a pleasant smoothness that can be compared to sweetness.

This is an attractive, versatile, full-bodied wine; it has the wine’s characteristic colour of intense ruby red, with shades of violetred. Its bouquet has great length, with vinous and fruity characteristics, and notes of almond, violet, bilberry and raspberry, with balsamic undertones. On the palate, it is long, dry, zesty and delicate, with an appreciable tannic sensation, well-balanced and with an attractive freshness. It has a light vegetal note, with hints of red fruit, more specifically cherry.

The elegance of this wine makes it ideal for all courses of a meal, even though it is particularly successful with first course dishes, risotto, relatively simple main course recipes, and fresh or moderately matured cheeses.