Alcoholic strength: 12,50%

This spumante, sparkling rosé wine, is made from pinot noir grapes grown on hillsides in the area of Maranzana and Cassine, where the microclimate, height and exposure to sunlight are particularly favourable. All the spumante wines produced by Maranzana have characteristically small bubbles which rise abundantly and persistently to the surface. This is a characteristic that demonstrates the meticulous attention dedicated to the wine production process, and the high quality of the pinot noir grapes used to make the spumante.

The wine has a delicate, light cherry colour, with reflections of light coral and pale pink. lts bouquet is delicate, fruity and fragrant, with notes of orange flower, strawberry, raspberry and wild rose, which develop into red fruits and floral scents. On the palate, the wine is well-balanced, extensive and sapid, with a light and rounded texture, and long-lasting smoothness.

Its smooth and well-balanced flavour make it ideal as an aperitif, and as an accompaniment to salmon, seafood and fish dishes, first course recipes, risotto and mild meat recipes. It is excellent at the end of a meal with fresh pastries. It is also a pleasant wine to drink on its own, outside mealtimes.